Hacking for Conservation at the Rainmaking Loft

Our First Hackathon Has Started!

Our first conservation hackathon ran from 6pm to 6pm on April 4th 2014, at the Rainmaking Loft. We were thrilled to welcome 15 participants from science and programming backgrounds, and together we made some promising first steps towards some new ideas for analysing social data and engaging the public. Participants divided up into 5 groups and presented their projects developed during the 24-hour event.

The winning team was EdgeStar, who won themselves a free hands-on experience at London Zoo. Our runners-up went home with an amazon voucher, a free trip to London Zoo and some adorable soft toys! Code developed during the event is available at our conservation hackathon repository. We also got some great feedback on the event, and we hope to build on this for our next event.

3 thoughts on “Hacking for Conservation at the Rainmaking Loft

  1. Chris says:

    Hi! You mention the:

    conservation hackathon repository

    but I can’t find it and google doesn’t help – can you please edit your post to include the URL and, ideally, let me know where to find it? Hopefully the new event will add to it…

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