Hack the RedList at London Zoo

Hacking the IUCN RedList

Hacking the IUCN RedList

On Saturday 15th November we held our second Conservation Hackathon, this time focussed on data from the IUCN RedList. The event, held at the Activity Den at London Zoo, ran from 10:30 until 5pm, and saw about 20 scientists and hackers working together to produce new and innovative ways to visualise RedList data. We initially broke into two teams, Plants vs Mammals – by the end of the day we had morphed into 7 teams who produced tools, maps and word clouds – the first steps towards some exciting future projects!

Two teams won prizes on the day – each going home with some free London Zoo tickets – the first team for their interesting word-cloud visualisations of threats described for species of different conservation concern (threatened, critically endangered, etc), and the second team won for their work creating a map showing the conservation status of different plant species by country. Both projects were in their initial stages, and we hope to further develop the code and ideas that were started on the day.

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